Vacuum Glazing North East, stepping into the market with their unique LandVac vacuum glazing. Launching with a strong brand identity, modern website, and bespoke brand assets, they’ve set a new standard for glazing technology, ready to meet the needs of modern businesses while preserving historical integrity.

As a fledgling business with exclusive distribution rights for the innovative LandVac vacuum glazing, Vacuum Glazing North East aimed to penetrate the market, particularly targeting window manufacturers for heritage properties.

The objective was twofold: to launch a website that would serve as a portal for business inquiries and to create a suite of brand assets to bolster the company’s market presence.

The primary challenge stemmed from the product’s novelty and its ongoing testing phase, which limited available resources for comprehensive marketing material development.

Tasked with translating the brand’s vision into a tangible identity, we embarked on a journey to craft a compelling brand presence from the ground up, ensuring the company was primed for its market introduction.

The result was modern branding, and a functional website equipped with an easy-to-use contact form, alongside a collection of brand collateral including information leaflets, business cards, and social media assets. This strategic foundation enables Vacuum Glazing North East to confidently step into the market, ready to connect with businesses seeking their cutting-edge glazing solutions for heritage properties.

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