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Blending Creativity, Strategy and Psychology to Craft Unmissable Brands

At Vove, we’re not just a brand communication agency but creators of unique brand experiences. Our ethos is built on a unique fusion of creativity, strategy, and psychology, aimed at crafting brands that stand out in today’s saturated market. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your brand, from its core message to its visual identity, resonates deeply with your target audience, making your brand not just seen but truly unmissable.

The team

Passionate about making brands unmissable, that’s who we are at Vove. Our tight-knit team doesn’t just collaborate, we become an extension of yours, ensuring exceptional communication and unwavering focus on your unique goals. With diverse expertise and years of experience in branding, strategy, and design, we exceed expectations and unlock your brand’s full potential. Trust us to drive you towards unmissable status.



With over a decade of leadership in the agency, Shaun brings a robust foundation in Computer Science to our team. He merges technical expertise with innovative brand and marketing strategies. His approach is dynamic, emphasising goal-oriented innovation and creative problem-solving to keep our strategies ahead of the curve. Shaun’s unique blend of skills ensures our offerings are not only effective but also distinctly ahead of trends, making our brand solutions compelling and relevant in an ever-evolving marketplace.



Lisa transforms strategy development with her unique teaching background, infusing workshops and strategic planning with clarity and effectiveness. Her skill in simplifying complex concepts ensures seamless team collaboration and engaging client presentations. As a marketing project lead, Lisa’s pivotal role in steering tasks towards completion is instrumental in achieving project success on time, demonstrating her invaluable contribution to crafting and executing impactful marketing strategies.



Lee spearheads the creative direction at our agency, steering everything from branding to multi-media brand messaging. His hands-on approach in the creative process leverages the team’s expertise and focused research to develop compelling, efficient brand messaging. Lee’s key role in transforming strategies into creative visuals and narratives ensures our messages deeply resonate with our audience, making his contributions vital for achieving impactful and meaningful creative results.



Dan plays a pivotal role in the execution of marketing projects across our diverse client portfolio, providing critical support during the rollout of campaigns. His extensive experience spans a variety of roles, notably in place marketing and business engagement, enabling him to bring a rich and varied perspective to our strategies. His contributions are instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness and reach of our marketing initiatives, making Dan an invaluable asset to our team and the success of our clients’ ventures.

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