Marking Redcar & Cleveland’s debut in the Tour of Britain, we crafted a campaign to spotlight this significant cycling event. Our goal was to not only celebrate the race but also to showcase our region’s charm, inviting enthusiasts and visitors to join in this historic occasion and ignite a lasting legacy.

The arrival of the Tour of Britain in Redcar and Cleveland marked a historic first for the region, offering an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its rich offerings to a national audience. Recognising the potential to transform this event into a catalyst for local tourism and economic growth, the council sought to leverage the occasion to its fullest.

Central to our strategy was the objective to elevate the profile of Redcar and Cleveland, transforming it from a mere event location to a destination of choice for visitors. By highlighting the event and the area’s unique appeal, the campaign aimed to encourage longer stays and increased spending, thereby contributing significantly to the local economy.

Drawing on our previous successful collaborations, the council entrusted us with the creative freedom to design a campaign that would resonate with both the local community and visitors. #PlanYourLeg was born, a campaign that not only aligned with the national event’s branding but also underscored the unique characteristics of this particular leg of the tour.

The campaign drew visitors from far and wide. These visitors were not only spectators of the event but became explorers of Redcar and Cleveland, opting to stay within the borough and contribute to its economy. The success of #PlanYourLeg demonstrated the power of strategic marketing to not only promote an event but also to enhance the appeal of the location itself, fostering a lasting impact on the local tourism landscape.

“Vove have a wealth of expertise and knowledge which they have implemented through their works with us. They think outside of the box and this has been demonstrated through their work and campaign ideas.”

Stephanie Costello – Enjoy Redcar & Cleveland

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