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Embracing the Future


For their 750th anniversary, The Hospital of God revitalised their brand, blending modern visual elements with their rich heritage. Through updated photography, their charity website, and typography, they crafted a narrative that showcases their impactful work and breaks stereotypes about ageing, all while honouring their long history.

In celebration of their 750th anniversary, The Hospital of God sought to modernise their website to reflect current standards while honouring their rich heritage.

Aimed at rejuvenating their somewhat dated brand image, the organisation wanted to balance a contemporary appeal with a deep respect for its historical roots.

The challenge lay in the absence of current photography that accurately depicted their activities and how they stand apart from similar entities, coupled with an outdated website that was challenging to update.

With the milestone anniversary on the horizon, The Hospital of God chose to collaborate with a partner experienced in storytelling and brand evolution to portray the organisation’s legacy and ongoing impact warmly and clearly.

We produced a comprehensive collection of photographs highlighting the empowering work of The Hospital of God, breaking stereotypes associated with older individuals. By integrating the crest within these images, we achieved a cohesive brand narrative. Furthermore, the adoption of a heritage font mirrored the charity’s storied past while ensuring accessibility, leading to a more distinct, user-friendly brand presence.

“The team at Vove are a joy to work with. They spent time really getting to know our charity and brought their wealth of experience and knowledge to create a new functional, modern charity website and brand refresh that showcased our long heritage of care and support. With updated photography, they helped showcase our impact and bring our values to life. We look forward to continuing working with Vove on our charity’s rebrand.”

Nicola Garrett – Head of Operations

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