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Freers Askew Bunting, with a legacy spanning over 70 years, embarked on a transformative journey. Our deliverables encompassed a comprehensive strategy, a revitalised brand identity, and a website reflective of their modern approach.

Freers Askew Bunting, a well-established law firm in Teesside, recognised the need to evolve. While rich in history, the firm was at a crucial juncture, needing to refresh its image to stay relevant and appealing.

The firm’s objective was clear: to develop a modern brand that appeals to potential clients and future staff, enhancing its reputation in the legal community. They sought to create a welcoming, human-centric brand, making them a desired choice for legal services and an employer of choice.

Freers Askew Bunting faced the challenge of an outdated brand identity, making it hard to stand out in a competitive market and attract top talent.

Our approach went beyond a simple competitor analysis. We conducted an in-depth strategy workshop with their directors, crafting a full brand strategy. This process ignited a renewed enthusiasm among the leadership, acknowledging the necessity for a significant brand overhaul to address recruitment issues and market presence.

“Freers Askew Bunting solicitors engaged Vove to work on our brand proposition in 2022. Our leadership team worked closely with their team to define who are our brand’s stakeholders. A key part of this work was their analysis of how our brand’s proposition fits within the local and regional landscape. This enabled us to define defensible points of differentiation. Once put into practice this has had a direct impact on the firm’s ability to attract and retain talent  (both from within and from outside the Tees Valley). Additionally, We are now seeing the benefits of this work across all marketing channels. Social media in particular has seen drastic improvements in engagement rates and enquiries being generated.”

Rachel Dyson – Director

The result was a fresh, modern brand with humanity at its core. The rebranding, centered around people and their needs, was enthusiastically received by the staff, celebrated at a brand launch event. This new identity not only helped in attracting top talent but also ensured that the brand’s ethos was reflected in every aspect of the firm, from its visual identity to its communication style.

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