With a fresh approach championed by Enjoy Redcar and Cleveland, this transformative journey began with a strategic audit and culminated in a digital renaissance. Through our comprehensive guidance on branding, social media, and tailored training, Enjoy not only amplified its digital footprint but also redefined its identity. This new direction not only boosted public engagement but firmly positioned the area as a place to visit and enjoy.

Within the confines of a local authority’s small department, there existed a palpable skills gap with digital marketing. The search for an experienced agency culminated in our team being chosen to spearhead a holistic overhaul of their digital presence. This initiative was not just about enhancing their communications; it was about equipping the council with the knowledge and tools to sustain these efforts independently.

The ambition was clear – to cultivate an in-house capability for robust marketing management. The overarching vision was to elevate the region’s appeal, encouraging more visitors to not only explore but stay longer and spend more. A critical realisation was the absence of a cohesive strategy, stemming from a foundational lack of understanding of digital marketing’s potential.

Recognition of their lack of digital marketing experience was highlighted in their destination management plan, which pinpointed the urgent need for specialised marketing expertise. This plan recommended a strategic pivot, one that would realign public perception and shine a new light on the area’s attractions.

Our engagement began with a thorough digital audit, laying the groundwork for a bespoke marketing strategy. Collaborating closely with the council’s core team, we embarked on a journey of discovery and definition – identifying key personas, refining messaging, and crafting a visual identity that resonated with potential visitors. Our role extended beyond consultants to educators, facilitating interactive workshops that not only shared our expertise but also empowered the council team with practical skills and insights.

The culmination of our efforts was a vibrant, reinvigorated online presence that captivated audiences far and wide. Highlighted by the success of the Peter Rabbit Exhibition campaign, which swiftly garnered over 15,000 engagements, our strategy demonstrated its efficacy and impact. More importantly, the council staff emerged from this collaboration empowered and capable of carrying this campaign forward. Equipped with a clear strategic framework and an enriched skill set, they stood ready to propel their marketing efforts to new heights.

“Working with Vove has been an absolute pleasure. They’ve taken the time to really get to know our products and services and have shown nothing but passion for our brand. Our relationship with Vove has been effortless and I would highly recommend working with them.”

Stephanie Costello, Enjoy Redcar & Cleveland

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