With our strategic guidance, Engraving Studios unveiled a brand evolution. They shifted focus to nature-themed visuals and genuine, engaging content. This elevated their brand identity and also boosted their sales and market presence. Reinforcing Engraving Studios’ stature as a leading name in the engraving industry.

With over 25 years experience and a wealth of positive reviews, Engraving Studios sought to mature their brand to mirror their status as a market leader, aiming to boost sales and improve content and marketing strategies.

To elevate the brand to reflect their prestige, increase sales, and enhance their marketing effectiveness through genuine content and automated marketing tools.

Despite their expertise, Engraving Studios faced challenges with limited in-house marketing experience and previous unsatisfactory partnerships.

We embarked on developing a brand strategy that included competitor analysis, market personas, and brand archetypes, aligning their visual and written language with their brand ethos.

A shift to a nature-focused visual style aimed to evoke emotional responses, and the introduction of photographs and videos showcasing their products in action marked a significant content strategy change. Automated marketing tools were implemented to increase brand recognition. The ‘Life’s Little Adventures’ campaign contributed to this comprehensive brand evolution, leading to increased sales and collaborations, and a social media presence that truly reflects their values.

“Since we engaged with Vove, we’ve found that everything’s consistent, a lot more on brand, a lot higher quality than we were producing or other parties were producing for us. Customers are recognising us as a brand when they’re scrolling, just generally took us to a different level that we couldn’t get ourselves.”

Andy Blackett – Director

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