A new accounting firm with ambitious leaders, Arvo redefined its brand to stand out in a crowded market. Through naming, brand identity, and vibrant photography, Arvo transformed into a bold, confident brand. This new identity, symbolising partnership and forward-thinking, positions Arvo distinctively. Meaning they are ready to soar to new heights in the accounting industry.

Arvo entered the scene with well-respected directors and a vision to become the region’s leading firm. Despite being a new player, Arvo boasted a substantial client base. This included international clientele and aimed to distinguish itself in a market saturated with uniformity.

In an industry cluttered with similar aesthetics and messaging, Arvo’s ambition was to break the mould. They envisioned a partnership approach with their clients. Fostering robust, enduring relationships rather than offering mere accounting services.

As a new company, Arvo’s directors faced challenges in brand strategy and communications. They had several unsuccessful branding attempts. They sought a comprehensive brand transformation, necessitating a partner skilled in crafting a unique and resonant brand identity.

Engaged for our expertise, we embarked on a creative journey to conceptualise Arvo’s identity. The name ‘Arvo’ – a blend of ‘soar’ and ‘novo’ – symbolises their commitment to elevating businesses to new heights. The logo’s free-flowing design represents the integral role of accountancy in business operations. It is complemented by a vibrant colour scheme to signify innovation and forward-thinking.

The outcome was a confident and bold brand that resonates with both clients and prospective employees. Arvo’s distinct identity now sets it apart in the crowded accounting landscape. Promising a bright future built on the foundation of partnership and innovation.

“I chose to work with Vove because of what was already on their website, the case studies on there were fantastic. To be honest, we wanted our hand held, we weren’t very good at this kind of thing and right from the start, they made life so easy for us. Found the process fantastic, simple to do, very friendly and really helped us get the website over the line. Just really fun to work with.”


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