26th January 2024

We’re truly grateful for the opportunity we had to work with Teesside University on an enriching 12-month partnership. This collaboration focused on integrating psychological research into our marketing campaigns, aiming to enhance the effectiveness and results of our communication efforts.

Since our beginnings in 2014 (rebranding as Vove in 2019), we’ve been on a continuous journey of growth and development. Our partnership with Teesside University has allowed us to further explore new avenues in marketing innovation.

Our Managing Director, Shaun Hogg, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “The partnership has provided valuable insights that have informed our creative practice. Working with the team from Teesside University and having Dr. Natalie Butcher on board for the last year has been a great learning experience.”

Claire Adams, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Manager at Teesside University, praised our collaborative spirit: “The companies we work with are always looking to grow and innovate. Vove was open to new ideas, making it a pleasure to work with them to achieve their goals.”

Dr. Natalie Butcher, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Teesside University, was also enthusiastic about the project’s outcome: “The project has allowed me to see first-hand how psychology research and literature can drive results in real-world applications.”

Throughout this partnership, we’ve adapted our creative practices by incorporating psychological insights into our marketing approach. Some of the research findings have led to refining online advertising video structures to optimise costs and performance, as well as guiding written communication for charities to foster empathy and buy-in from readers.

Lee Brown, our Head of Creative, shared his thoughts on the project’s impact: “The project has helped us reflect on our creative practice and make more informed decisions on what is most effective.”

As we continue on our journey, we’re committed to learning and growing, embracing new challenges, and staying open to collaboration. Our partnership with Teesside University has been a testament to the value of working together and exploring new horizons in marketing.

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